Management of scientific and technological projects        | Fundación Ciencias Agrarias

The FUNDACION CIENCIAS AGRARIAS has been authorized as a Technological Linkage Unit (UVT) by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MINCYT) of Argentina. So, it is able to assist social and productive development and transfer the results of research, giving responses to demands from the environment. According to Law 23877, their mission is to promote innovations that involve research and development; technology transfer and technical assistance; providing its legal structure to facilitate the management, organization and management of projects.

Thus, it regularly searches for tools that facilitate access to financing for companies that wish to incorporate innovation and technological development into their products or processes. This financing usually comes from the public sector through the format of Non-Refundable Contributions (ANRs), Productive Innovation projects (IP), among others, where the company generally commits a part of the financing. The Foundation coordinates with the Department of Technological Linkage of the College to bring the company to the group of researchers most closely related to the objectives of the projects. In this way, the infrastructure, scientific equipment and knowledge of the College are put at the service of small and medium enterprises in the region, which otherwise find it difficult to incorporate new technologies.

In the same way, it acts as a link between the research groups of the College with national and international companies and entities that do not require financial assistance for the execution of the projects, and that are linked through specific Agreements, in an action that is also coordinated with the Secretariat of Technological Linkage of the Faculty.